Why choose The Vitality Clinic?
Just a few of the more obvious reasons include the following,
  • We want you to be happy, healthy and successful. 
  • We assist you to set some goals and successfully fulfill  them,
  • We help you to design you life for health, success and happiness.
  • We are only 8 km, 10 minutes drive from the city. 
  • We are  5-10 minutes walk from Canning Bridge train station, or just 1 bus stop from the same station. 
  • We have free parking. 
  • We have flexible opening hours
  • We are friendly and non judgmental. 
  • We respect and maintain confidentiality. 
  • We have a clean, relaxing and professional environment. 
  • We are recognized by the major health funds
  • We have long term experience 
  • We have a very high success rate
  • We design individual sessions and consultations according by your concerns and needs. 
  • When you visit us we help you to make positive results in your life.
Please call Vilma at The Vitality Clinic today!
Mobile:  0433 167 704