What Is Trance?

Trance is a normal, relaxed, and very useful state of the mind. We are going into it all the time. When you are in the deep relaxation you are in trance. Trance is a state of the mind in which hypnosis takes place. It is the state of your mind where we frequently enter in the normal course of the day. A trance is a narrowing state of attention. Trance experiences include a simple everyday daydream, “spacing out,” being completely “, or being worried about something that might happen. Your attention is focused in a specific area and you are not consciously thinking about everything else that is going on around you. Each and every day, you experience many trances.

During the hypnotherapy you are being guided into trance with therapeutically beneficial purpose. Trance feels normal and natural, and you remain in control during the trance of the hypnotherapy. 
During the session you are in control. You are in charge and all of the suggestions work by your neurology. I can give you the suggestion to close your eyes; it is you who will close your eyes. I can’t close your eyes, but I can give you the suggestion. When you follow these suggestions you will be successful to change your life to be happier or relieve pain, tension, stress and develop positive thinking, stop unwanted habits. 

When you are in trance you can successfully using the power of your mind.Using the power of your mind, you can learn how to achieve your goals, perform better at work, quit smoking, lose weight, learn faster, physically look better, be happier and create virtually any kind of lifestyle you can imagine for yourself. During the hypnoses session,

  • You are in control 
  • You will feel so relaxed, comfortable 
  • You will safe 
  • Doesn’t feel strange or weird, zonked out or stoned 
  • Will feel relaxed 
  • It is not sleep – if you fall asleep I will wake you up 
  • You can hear everything 
  • Feels so natural that you won’t even know you are in it.