1. If possible eat organic food.
2. Avoid genetically modified food.
3. Avoid food containing chemicals such as preservatives, non natural colouring.
4. Avoid processed food.
5. Eat whole food as much as possible.
6. Avoid fried food.
7. Eat unprocessed, natural food.
8. Make the right food combination.
9. Maintain acid & alkaline balance. Eat 80% alkaline food.
10. Look after your mental health, and avoid stress.
11. Make regular relaxation activities.
12. Take care for your physical well-being by regular exercise.
13. Maintain your sleeping pattern and have adequate sleep.
14. Be and remain balanced & harmonised with natural & life style change
15. Look after your elimination channel to function well. (skin, lungs, bowels,kidneys)
16. Drink eight glasses of water.
17. Regular detoxification

Wellness Strategy with Action

You must know your inherited and gained health weaknesses and take action to fight
them by proper, diet, nutrition and lifestyle. When you know your weaknesses and
your disposition to disease/illness you can put the odds back in your favour Some
weaknesses are not serious. Some are potentially serious because they can become
long term, chronic sickness, even cancer.
I can help you and encourage you to keep
in action your wellness strategy, but first you need to help yourself by developing a
healthy lifestyle. Your health is in your hands.

If you look after yourself and apply the sixteen points of the health wellness strategy
you will find that you will improve your health, both mentally and physically.

I wish a happy journey on your tour of health wellness.