Book Co-Authored by Vilma Domavari
“How to get a bigger bite out of life”
A Power-Packed reference manual for personal growth & prosperity
  • Learn to unleash your full potential
  • Learn some major fallacies regarding time and money
  • Learn to increase your individual capacity
  • Learn the secret of savings and wealth creation
  • Learn Pareto’s principle – What to focus on
  • Learn basic Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Discover how to have mature judgement through NLP
  • Learn the 6 major NLP presuppositions & resourcefulness
  • Learn the secrets to total and complete personal empowerment
  • Learn the secrets of mind power and controlling your attitude
  • Learn the 7 major laws of the mind
  • Learn to put purpose into your life
  • Learn to balance the 6 major areas of your life
  • Learn hot to build courage the easy way
Available through Vitality Clinic or by mail order
Retails for $20.00 AUD