Hello my name is Vilma Domavari, l am the founder and owner of VITALITY CLINIC. I hold a bachelor degree in teaching, diploma in counseling and massage therapy. I am a certified therapist to help you to quit cigarettes in 60 minutes. I also hold certifications for assisting people to lose weight by the power of hypnosis. I am a certified teacher of life prosperity and personal development, based on NLP. I am a co author of the book “How To Get A Bigger Bite Out Of Life” Which contains the power pack ideas for personal growth and prosperity. 
My mission is to assist people to develop a happy mind, healthy body, and positive spirit.
I like to help people, I have over 19 years experience in helping people with their health and relationship issues. I offer a range of therapy and treatments to assist with many of life’s challenges. My areas of expertise are wide and varied.  I dedicated my life to help people to lose weight, quit cigarettes and maintain optimal health and well being.
My Mum was suffering from obesity. She died early being a diabetic. My brother-in-law lost both of his legs at the age 47. He was a heavy smoker and he was suffering from diabetic 2. Recently I lost my best friend. She was a heavy smoker .She died of lung cancer.
I don’t want people to suffering caused by the bad habits of eating wrong food, or be a smoker. My mission is to help people with everything l do. l gain great satisfaction from seeing the improvements l help to create in the lives of everyday people. My personal favourite is helping people successfully to lose weight, quit cigarettes in 60 minutes and maintain a healthy body and mind.
I am dedicated to assist people with everything l do. l gain great satisfaction from seeing the improvements l help to create in the lives of every day people. My personal favourite is helping people successfully quit cigarettes in 60 minutes. It is my favourite as it was a battle that l faced and eventually beat. 
Your health is in your hands but you are not alone. I am here to help you. Over the last 19 years I have worked in Mt Pleasant and Rockingham. I run two busy clinics in massage therapy, counseling and quit cigarettes in 60 minutes. I give lifetime guarantee for my quit cigarettes clients. Come and see me, ( Vilma Domavari ) at the Vitality Clinic, i will help improve your health, and give you the techniques for a better life style. Hypnosis therapy does work !!