Michelle Before & After Just 4 x Sessions Photo’s (She lost 13 kg)
I am very pleased with my results. I have lost 13 kg. I have noticed that I have better days when I listen to the CD’s. I did struggle a bit while on holiday but when I returned I was straight back into listening to the CD’s and that has helped me get back on track. I have dropped 2-3 dress sizes.
Michelle S. Rockingham ,WA
Here are a few more success stories of Hypnosis Therapy to Quit Smoking
Scott – Western Australia
Hi Vilma,

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me to quit smoking. In the past I have tried everything to quit e.g. Champex, inhalers, patches and even other hypnotists but nothing has worked as well as my session with you.  

I have quit for 4 weeks now and I have no urges to smoke, which is great because I have a young boy and I don’t want  him to see me smoking.

Regards Scott

Margaret – Bridgeman Downs Qld
I now have the power to change my own life. I can now smile knowing I can do it and focus on other things in my life.
Simon – Melton West, Victoria
After 20 years and numerous attempts, Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes was the quick and easy way to give up and I haven’t felt like one since
Robert – Melton West, Victoria
I tried everything else and wanted to change my life. I fully recommend this procedure.
Barbara – Melton, Victoria
I walked out a non smoker after 40 years
Bree – Melton, Victoria
I now feel I have the power to never smoke again. I have more motivation to do the things I’ve always wanted to do but never did.
Jacqui – Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
It was so relaxing. I was totally in control. I feel so glad that I came. I am a non smoker. Before I came I had a totally different look at hypnosis, but now I see that there is nothing to be afraid of, it is just like meditation.
Kellie – Sunbury, Victoria
I am very pleased I decided to go ahead and do this program.
It was very easy and non invasive. I would recommend it to anyone considering giving up smoking. I was a packet of 30 a day smoker, I am now a non smoker!!!
Karen – Cairns Far North Queensland
After 26 years of being a slave to nicotine, I’m on top of the world knowing that cigarettes no longer control my life. I’m free of that lifetime addiction to 60 smokes a day that were slowly killing me and keeping me broke. I was worried that I would gain weight but 9 months later I have tons of energy, feel alive and excited about every day. My skin, hair and body feel good and people tell me I look years younger frequently. I’ve saved $8,000 since I quit which has taken the pressure off our family in a very big way. If you are seious about giving up for good then use the specialists at I Quit 4 Life.
Ona – Perth WA
Of all the failures I’ve had in the past; patches, laser, gum, champix etc I feel like I’ve never smoked in my life – AMAZING! I will recommend this to anyone I meet that smokes in future. Five star process.
Steve and Cassandra – Papua New Guinea
We’re bettering our lives, protecting our children and their future by quitting smoking. We can walk away knowing we’re smoke free for the rest of our lives.
John – Cooktown QLD
It’s a good feeling to be a non smoker for the rest of my life. I can smell the tobacco on me now whereas I couldn’t before. It feels easier to breath now.
Tanya – Ravenshoe QLD
It feels great not to be worrying about where I’m going to find somewhere to smoke any more.
Tracy – Townsville QLD
I feel healthier already and very excited – like I have a secret! I somehow know that I’m going to have a fantastic future free from smoking.
Diane – Innisfail QLD
When I stopped smoking after 40 years, it was like saying goodbye to an old friend who was always there for me, but this friend was controlling my life. Now this friend no longer has control over me I have become rejuvenated, I now think of how I was also affecting other people’s health, I always have money in my purse, the money I have saved by not smoking is paying for a holiday and I have so much more time to do other things. (I never realised how much time I wasted when I was smoking). It’s been a year since I quit and it still feels better and better every week.
Peter W. From Bayswater WA

‘’I’m very happy that I came today. I feel a lot better mentally and physically. I recommend this therapy to anyone with an open mind. Now my family will have me around a lot longer with more energy and time to spend with them.’’

Suzan B. Armadale WA
“Now I feel much better and honestly don’t feel like to have a puff anymore. I feel really good.’’


John K. Booragoon, WA
“I feel enlightened. I learned thinks I did not know. I feel fresh and ready to face challenges in my life. I feel happy.”
Juliana P. Spearwood WA
I feel to breadth much easier and I don’t want the taste of the cigarette in my mouth again. I feel good.
Jeff A. Mandurah WA
I feel I never smoked in my life. I feel great and confidant in myself.


Jo R. Mandurah WA
I feel myself very relaxing and empowering at the same time. It is wonderful. I quit.


Lester Calvert

Some time back i was a chain smoker ,where i had to have around 3 to 4 packets of cigarettes a day and i could not live without it ,i tried to quit smoking with the help of medicines but it affected my health then i came across Vitality clinic (vilma) she was the one who took a session of 10 minutes and changed my life and now i can live freely and even if i come across cigarettes it does not affect me and thank you again and i would request all to go ahead and speak to vilma she is healer in my life could be the same for you .

Helen Chiricosta
I have had a weight problem almost my entire life and tried every kind of diet out there. I had looked into gastric band surgery in the past but didn’t like many stories I had heard from other people and it seemed extremely invasive. As an almost final resort I decided to try hypnotism as I thought it may address some of the food issues I have. From the very first session I had lost all craving for the foods I had identified as my danger foods and was craving vegetables and salads the way I used to crave chips, bread and cheese. By the time of my last session, through the Christmas and New Years period, I had already lost nearly 12 kilos and felt so much healthier. I feel as if my brain has been reset to think about food, portion sizes and exercise differently.