If you are a smoker who wishes to become a non smoker you are taking the first step by looking at the Vitality Clinic website
Vilma Domavari is a qualified therapist in NLP & hypnosis therapy and has many years of experience in helping people quit smoking.
Based in Western Australia WA, Vilma has a number of clinic locations which are not too far from Perth. Locations include Mandurah, Rockingham, Applecross and surround areas of Western Australia.
Among other therapies, Vilma does offer what is known as Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes, which as the name suggests can have people well on the way to being smoke free for life with just one 60 minute session.
While it is most certainly possible to help people to quit smoking in one 60 minute hypnosis therapy session, it is advisable that clients keep in mind that some may need follow up sessions in order to help keep them strong and focused on giving the cigarettes away, for good!
As most people will know, it can be a challenge to quit smoking and while for some it comes easy, for many it is not the case. Often smokers will need some extra assistance in conquering the smoking habit and that is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed  about. The Vitality Clinic is here to help people to improve their lives and better their health and Vilma gains personal satisfaction from each and every client who she is able to assist.
While there are numerous hypnosis clinics and practitioners across Western Australia and around Perth WA, we encourage you to contact the Vitality Clinic as we have the knowledge, Ability, Experience and the Desire to help as many people across Western Australia to quit smoking.
For appointments or further information, please feel most welcome to call Vilma Domavari from the Vitality Clinic any time.
Vilma Mobile Number : 0433 167 704