The Facts  About Alcohol
According to the State Government of Victoria around 40% of Australian adults drink alcohol on a weekly basis and 10% drink every day. Alcohol is one of the many causes of brain injury. More than 2,500 Australians are treated
for ARBI (Alcohol related brain impairment) every year, with approximately 200,000 Australians currently undiagnosed. Around two million Australians are potentially at risk of developing ARBI due to their drinking habits.
Side Effects of Alcohol
  • Cardiovascular and heart problems
  • Difficulties with balance and walking
  • Aggressive and angry behaviour
  • Confusion
  • Numbness, pain and pins and needles.
  • Moodiness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Sexually inappropriate behaviour
  • Poor control of emotions.
  • Liver damage
  • Psychiatric symptoms
  • Hallucinations
Stop or Reduce Drinking Alcohol in 90 Minutes 
This is a very successful system. It is life changing and it is completely natural with long term health/life benefits. 
The Vitality Clinic Quit Alcohol 90 minutes system follows the principles of NLP and advanced hypnosis. 
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is
a system of working with the unconscious mind and remove old,
unhealthy habits to change them into a new healthy habits. NLP gives you all
of the tools necessary to build up a healthy body and mind.  By working
with the patterns, belief systems, and ideas the brain uses to store and
retrieve information and ways the brain uses to carry out the functions
of the body, NLP is often able to quickly help you change old
“programming”. This allows you to make changes at the unconscious level
in a matter of minutes, verses days, weeks, months or possibly years with other systems.
NLP only
works because you choose to do it. NLP cannot do anything you
don’t want to be done.
The quit or reduce drinking alcohol package has
NO STATED REFUND POLICY. We offer 3 follow up sessions at no charge to
help make you free from alcohol. That is your goal and we are going to
support you in that 100%.
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