Lose Weight Over 40’s
Here at The Vitality Clinic we provide a wide range of hypnotherapy service’s aimed at many different issues and challenges that everyday Australian’s may be facing. One of the challenges that many people face is weight gain.
How do you lose the extra kilo’s and then how do you manage to keep them off?
Hypnotherapy is the answer!
Vilma Domavari & The Vitality Clinic specialise in Hypnotherapy for weight loss. This service works in a number of ways, but in short it works by helping people to control the amount of food eaten and also by assisting people to become highly motivated to do regular exercise.
When it comes to hypnotherapy for weight loss, there is no age limit as the process is completely natural and can be very helpful for both men and women over 40…. over 50… over 60…. and also for those who are under 40
Please call Vilma for more information and/or to make an appointment, Mobile: 0433 167 704