What are the risks of obesity

The World Health Organisation estimates that over one billion people world-wide are overweight, 400 million of who are obese.

Australia is part of this growing epidemic. Around seven million Australian adults are overweight or obese – 52% of women and 67% of men. people who are obese are more at risk of developing depression, heart disease, sleep apnoea ,some cancers (particularly bowel and hormonal-related cancers), gallbladder disease, respiratory disease, type two diabetes, incontinence, high blood pressure .
There are certain health risks associated with being obese. For instance, people who are obese are more at risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, type two diabetes, some cancers (particularly bowel and hormonal-related cancers), gallbladder disease, respiratory disease, incontinence, sleep apnoea and depression.
Obesity can also lead to skin problems, musculoskeletal (bone and tendon) problems and infertility.

Experts estimate that between 12,000 to 17,000 Australians die prematurely from obesity each year. The good news is, major weight loss can lead to partial or complete control of a wide range of these diseases and related health problems.
  • “In the eight weeks I lost 8 kilos. I feel good. I’m a much happier person. I have higher level of self esteem.” Donna R., Rockingham
  • Many thanks, Vilma, I feel myself as a new person. I lost 7.5 kg. I have lot of energy. I don’t eat junk food. I’m naturally choosing healthy food.” Rob Mason, Melville
  • Since I visited you I have more energy. It is fantastic I have regular exercise and I feel myself great. Melanie Keller, Peth
  • The gastric band system by hypnotherapy is fantastic. I eat nutritional food. I exercise regularly. I lost 21 kilos. I’m happy and very confident. Margaret K., Bentley, WA


Do you want to lose weight naturally without calorie counting, diet shakes and without starving?
Do you want to be slim and healthy for rest of your vital life?
If your answer is yes, then continue reading… there is something you need to know.
The facts about lose weight:
  • There are so many reasons to get rid of those excess kilos of fat and lose weight.
  • There are a many lose weight diets.
  • You successfully lose 10, 15, 20 kilos. …then…. you pick up again all off the excess fat and kilos.
  • When you stop to dieting you go back to that old eating habit and can’t stop to overeat yourself.
  • You eat because you are happy. You eat because you are relaxed. You eat because you are stressed.
  • You eat because you are tired and you had a rough day.
  • You eat for many reasons.
If you want to be slim and healthy you need to change the way you think and feel about food.
Once you changed your thinking about food, you will eat healthier, smaller portions of food and exercise regularly you will gain your ideal weight and size. You gain the body what you want.
You are what you eat. Eat healthy, be healthy.
I developed a program that will help you to change you eating habit and make you feel good about yourself. This system helps you to become slim, healthy and confident about yourself.
Advanced Hypnotherapy is a way that helps you to achieve your health and fitness goals.
Attain Long Term Weight Loss Results From Three 90 Minute Sessions
Weight Loss with Hypnosis is most successfully achieved by attending three 90 minutes sessions over nine weeks, one-on-one with your practitioner. Apply advanced hypnosis to your specific needs and requirements. Everyone is different. You need something what individually designed just for you and it is working for you!
If you want to lose more than 20 kilos we recommend gastric banding by hypnotherapy.
Gastric Banding by lose weight advanced hypnotherapy is your weight loss solution.
How the Gastric Banding Works?
Gastric Banding is the placement of a band around the top of the stomach through laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery. The Gastric Band is designed to induce weight loss by encouraging a sense of fullness and to restrict the amount of food that the stomach can hold.


Gastric Band assists weight loss and weight control in two ways:
  1. Creating a sense of fullness.
The gastric band presses on the stomach, which makes the brain think that the stomach is full and therefore requires no more food.
  1. Satisfying hunger sooner.
The gastric band creates a smaller stomach pouch, so that less food is required to feel satisfied. Also, because the band has reduced the size of the passage through which food passes, it takes longer to digest.


Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy will guide your unconscious mind into eating healthy


By using the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy System we create a state of mind where you will believe you actually have a Gastric Band fitted!
You will eat smaller portions and feel full.
The Hypnotic Gastric Band System is a long term solution to your health and weight problems.
It is suitable for everybody who is seriously considering Surgical Gastric Banding on a non intrusive journey through an imaginary surgical procedure, all in the comfort of a reclining chair.
This system helps you to develop
a new self-image,
a new and healthy attitude to weight loss,
a positive attitude to achieving your goals,
a new healthy and happy lifestyle.
Successful weight loss is a much about changing unconscious habits as it is about diet and exercise making hypnosis the most natural and safe way of losing weight


Successful weight loss is as much about re-educating your unconscious mind as it is about dieting.
Hypnosis is one of the most natural and successful ways to lose weight and stay slim for the rest of your life
With the power of your unconscious mind – you can do anything –your mind can control almost every aspect of your body. From simple thinks such as walking and holding your breath, to more complex issues such as blushing or hay fever. All you have to do is tap into the power of your unconscious mind and it will work for you.
During gastric band hypnotherapy we are using only the power of your unconscious mind.
Your unconscious mind is more powerful than you can ever imagine
And the result of this process is that you will start to eat less – as you would naturally expect – and as a result the weight will begin to simply melt off your frame
The benefit of this hypnotic gastro-bending is that you will not experience any of the side effects from the real operation, you will not have to recover from the surgery – and the results are instantaneous
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