The Vitality Clinic has designed a corporate QUIT SMOKING SYSTEM PACKAGE to help companies & small businesses to successfully eliminate smoking from the workplace.

We designed this quit smoking package because we know smoking is bad for both mental and physical health, it decreases productivity and increases smoking related sick days.
Studies have shown that a smoker spends about 115 hours per year on unauthorised cigarette breaks.

(A) Smokers have 29% increased risk of industrial injury
(B) Smokers have 34% increased rate of non-attendance at workplace
(C) Smokers have 40% increased risk of occupational injury
(D) Smokers have higher level of stress and anxiety
(E) Smokers have approximately 34% increased rate of absence

The Vitality Clinic in Perth and Rockingham offers a Corporate Quit Smoking Cigarettes package for businesses to develop positive changes for employers and employees (workers) by eliminating smoking from workplaces.

These corporate hypnotherapy packages designed by the Vitality Clinic will produce exactly the kind of employees and work place that you desire – happy, healthy, motivated and productive staff and environment.

The Vitality Clinic helps small to large businesses around Australia.

The Quit Smoking system designed by us has a very high success rate. This system is quick and effective. It’s absolutely safe and drug free with no withdrawal symptoms. We guarantee our commitment to help your employees become successful and permanent non-smokers.

The Benefits of Corporate Hypnotherapy Packages to Quit Cigarettes
  • Increased productivity
  • Less sick days
  • Healthier and more productive workplace
  • Smoke-free workplace
  • Safer, cleaner and healthier workplace environment
  • Reduced fire risk
  • Less cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Higher level of well-being and Increased productivity

We developed one of the fastest and most effective quit smoking system available in Australia.
We are committed to supporting your business and your employees.

We can run programs for your workplace during flexible hours that suit you.

We also designed corporate packages to,
• Improve confidence
• Improve motivation
• Reduce stress and anxiety
Have you ever made consideration how much it costs to employ a smoker each year?

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