Self Hypnoses: Make Your Mind Relaxed and Calm

Self Hypnoses: Make Your Mind Relaxed and Calm

Take a seat into a comfortable armchair and take a deep breath…hold it…hold it…press out all the air from your lungs…and take one more deep breath. Feel the fresh air flowing into your body and relax your mind..Relax your muscles. ..Seat comfortable in that armchair.

And now… make a wonderful imagination of the most beautiful sunset what you ever seen

Remember to that beautiful sunset that you’ve ever seen… Put in the colours of the sun and the sky…feel the comfortable temperature of the air against your skin…call into your mind the smells of the air and any of the nature sounds that you heard.

Feel the wonderful feeling of the feeling of the relaxation. Feel the tranquility… All of the tension and worries just moved away, far away. You are relaxed and calm.

Take a deep breath…exhale all of the air out from your lungs . Count from 1 up to 5 and open your eyes. You are fully alert, relaxed and calm.

This short exercise of your subconscious mind makes your thoughts positive and makes you to feel so pleasant and…Relaxed.

Just as thinking about a sunset makes you feel relaxed and calm.

The best thing is that you can do this exercise anytime when your want. It always will help you to find yourself in the beautiful world of the relaxation.

Do this exercise on a daily basis or anytime when you want to switch off .