Hypnotherapy & Stages Of Consciousnes

Hypnotherapy practices deal with four stages of consciousness:

Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta


The purpose of hypnosis is to get the client into a very light trance, also known as “Alpha. In Alpha clients are more suggestible and they are therefore more able to receive messages that influence positive change.

The frequencies of brain waves range from are 0.5-500 Hz. However, the following categories of frequencies are the most clinically relevant:

  • Alpha waves – 8-13 Hz
  • Beta waves – Greater than 13 Hz
  • Theta waves – 3.5-7.5 Hz
  • Delta waves – 3 Hz or less

Alpha Waves

  • Outside stimuli play a lesser role.
  • Alpha waves generally are seen in all age groups but are most common in adults.
  • Alpha activity disappears normally with attention (eg, mental arithmetic, stress, opening eyes.
  • The client is able to receive habit-altering messages from the hypnotherapist.
  • When the brain waive are in stage of Alfa the person is slowed down slightly and is therefore more focused and able to dedicate his/ her focus of thought to one thing. Equate Alpha to the state you are in when watching TV, or when you have been driving for a lengthy period. After prolonged driving, your attention shifts to what is happening directly in front of you.
  • Alpha is a “not-really-here, not-really-out-of-it” phase.
  • In Alpha, outside stimuli no longer distract the person.

Beta Waves

  • Normal waking consciousness.
  • The person’s brain is fully functional.
  • The brain is in an alert state. It is paying attention to, and processing stimuli from the outside world.
  • Beta waves are observed in all age groups.
  • Beta waves tend to be small in amplitude and usually are symmetric and more evident interiorly.

Theta Waves

  • Theta waves normally are seen in sleep at any age.
  • Theta and delta waves are known collectively as slow waves.

Delta Waves

  • These slow waves have a frequency of 3 Hz or less.
  • They normally are seen in deep sleep in adults as well as in infants and children.
  • Often, they have the largest amplitude of all waves.

Anything deeper than Alpha (Delta or Theta) is helpful but not necessary.